The Regent opens the Sijunjung local food culinary market

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The Regent opens the Sijunjung local food culinary market

Sijunjung Regent, Yuswir Arifin greets local culinary traders after inaugurating the culinary market on the street impres market. (Ist)

Muaro (ANTARA) - Regent of Sijunjung,Yuswir Arifin opened a local food culinary market marked by the release of balloons into the air in front of the Health office.

After opening on Monday Sept 16, the activities of the Sijunjung Food and Fisheries Service on impres market road will be held every Monday.

Regent of Sijunjung in said this activity was a form of concern for the Sijunjung Regency Government in preserving culinary heritage of Indonesia's original, especially Sijunjung Regency in order it's not faded by outside food.

In addition, in order to provide opportunities for the community to obtain affordable food needs with easier access.

"Let's get together, we visit this market to buy and become customers of the products provided," the Regent said.

The Head of the Food and Fisheries Office of Sijunjung Regency, Nizam Ulmuluk, added that this activity was aimed at promoting Sijunjung's local food culinary that had not yet appeared and affordable quality cheap food prices, as well as supporting Geopark Ranah Minang Silokek tourism.

This activity will be filled with sales of traditional snacks as well as a campaign to buy local products and complemented by the sale of cheap food.

Nizam explained, a variety of special foods of Sijunjung will be served, namely foods made from tuber such as , lamang ubi, lapek ubi, godok ubi, centel and processed fish such as fish crackers, crispy fish, then traditional processed foods such as randang cukbi, randang bilalang and so on,"he said.

In addition, it also provides quality low-cost markets, such as rice, flour, sugar, oil and eggs.

"By cooperating with Bulog Sijunjung and Toko Tani Indonesia Center and providing fresh fish," he said.

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Translated by: Mutiara Ramadhani
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