TPO discuss about how to raise tourism after affected of Covid-19

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TPO discuss about how to raise tourism after affected of Covid-19

Pariman Mayor, W Sumatra, Genius Umar is saying hello to webinar participants that are members of Tourism Promotion Organization (TPO) for Asia Pacific Cities. ( Antara/special)

Pariaman (ANTARA) - Tourism Promotion Organization (TPO) for Asia Pacific conducted webinar to discuss about how to raise tourism after affected of Covid-19.

"Almost all countries were affected of Covid-19, So, we share the experience and discuss about how to raise again, especially from tourism sector, so that the visit can increase," said CO-Presiden TPO Genius Umar after webinar in Pariaman, on Tuesday.

He explained from the seminar was known that a number of cities were quick to do action when the new normal was implemented by implementing the health protocol of Covid-19.

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He said that one of the countries which its tourism started to develop in the new normal era was South Korea because the local tourists starter to visit the family and also more choose lodging than hotel.

"In general, the cities way in Asia Pacific in handle the Covid-19 and develop the tourism were almost same," he said.

He put forward in Pariaman, his party also had opened the tourism to fix the economics of community which is during the Large Scale Social Restrictions the tourism objects in the area was closed.

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He conveyed although the tourism in Pariaman was open, but, his party enforce the health protocol of Covid-19 which is not only at the tourism objects but also at a number of other public facilities such as food places to hotels and lodgings.

"With the opening of tourism sector then the economy can start to grow," he said.

The web seminar was followed by 73 head region from about 150 cities in Asia Pacific incorporated into TPO member.

On that occasion, he was asked as opening a web seminar to represent the Mayor of Busan, South Korea who is the President of TPO.

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