Nagari Sitalang Agam has seven level waterfall to attract tourists

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Nagari Sitalang Agam has  seven level waterfall to attract tourists

Air Terjun Sitalang (antarasumbar/Istimewa)

Lubukbasung (ANTARA) - Nagari Sitalang, Ampeknagari Subdistrict, Agam Regency, W Sumatra has seven level waterfall destination on the Batang Marabuak River that can be managed to attract tourists to the area.

Sitalang Community Leaders, Afri Wendri in Lubukbasung, said on Monday the seven-level waterfall, namely Sitalang Waterfall, Batu Putih Waterfall, Batu Batingkok Waterfall, Mangengong Waterfall, Kuali Waterfall, Jilo Waterfall and Maumbam Waterfall.

"The waterfalls have various of height from eight meters to 15 meters in the Batang Marabuak River in Kampuang Melayu, Nagari Sitalang. The location is only close to 500 meters to one kilometer," he explained.

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He mentioned, from the seven waterfalls, only Sitalang Waterfall had been managed by youths and was visited by many local residents. At the location there are also food and beverage stalls. While six other waterfalls have not been managed because there is no access road to the location.

"There is no access road to the location, so there has been no visit by local tourists to that location," he said.

In the future, he hoped that the local government will develop the tourist destination, thereby increasing income for the local residents.

With the attractions, the public can sell food and drinks in the area.

"We are ready to support the development of attractions, so that the community's economy will improve," he said.

The Head of Agam's Youth and Sports Tourism Office, Syatria said that the physical form of the program did not yet exist, because it is bound by planning and location status.

But non-physically, the role of the local Youth and Sports Tourism Office provides input for future development.

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"We are also trying to facilitate the formation of tourism awareness groups in the area," he said.

In the future, support for the physical development of the location can be done by the manager or the local community by involving the nagari government, or migrants and the private sector.

To access the road can be opened in mutual cooperation by making stairs with a natural concept with wood.

Transleted by: Mutiara Ramadhani

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