Lake Talang tourist attraction flooded with residents

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Lake Talang tourist attraction flooded with residents

Hundreds of visitors visit the Lake Talang tourist attraction on Sunday afternoon (ANTARA / Tri Asmaini)

Arosuka (ANTARA) - Attractions in Lake Talang, Kampung Batu Dalam, Danau Kembar Subdistrict, Solok Regency, W Sumatra began to be crowded with people on Sunday after two weeks was opened.

"the Lake Talang tourist attraction was opened since two weeks ago and just on the weekend this place was visited by tourists, especially since the edge of the lake was widened by Wali Nagari (Head of village)," said one of the traders, Imai on Lake Talang, Sunday.

He explained that he started to trade since two weeks ago, previously during the COVID-19 pandemic he closed his store for more than two months. If Saturday and Sunday, tourists can reach five hundred more people a day.

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According to him, Wali Nagari has been widened the edge of the lake since more than two month ago, which will indeed be used as a vacation spot during the 1441 Hijri holiday.

According to him the view of Lake Talang spoiled his eyes, with shady trees around the lake. The water is so green in contrast with the blue sky.

Vegetable plantations such as celery, leeks, and cabbage are seen all the way to the lake.

In addition to views of the lake, the manager provides a boat for visitors who want to get around to see Lake Talang more close.

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One visitor from Padang, Iwan (45) said that the view of Lake Talang is very good and natural, especially if there is a gazebo or a seat available.

"But at present, there is no infrastructure such as gazebos and toilets. So it is difficult for tourists to urinate or defecate," he said.

His party visited Lake Talang with the Max biker community with more than 100 participants using motorbikes.

Before entering the tourist area, tourist officers use thermogun to check the body temperature of visitors and all visitors must wear a mask, "

Transleted by: Mutiara Ramadhani

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