In Pariaman Expo 2019, there is a sala lauak cooking competition

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In Pariaman Expo 2019, there is a sala lauak cooking competition

Participants make sala at cooking competition with the titled 'sejuta sala' in Pariaman Expo 2019, on Wednesday, July 10. (ANTARA SUMBAR / Aadiyat M.S)

Pariaman (ANTARA) - The Government of Pariaman City , W Sumatra held a sala lauak cooking contest entitled 'sejuta sala' in the Pariaman Expo 2019 series to bring creativity to small businesses to that food.

"This is an effort so that sala can be more widely known by the community and can be packaged for souvenirs," said Mayor of Pariaman Genius Umars when opening the Sala Cooking Competition in the Pariaman Ekspo 2019 series on Wednesday.

He said that he wanted the food made from flour, fish and other spices to be sold not only by small businesses but also as industrial products for souvenirs from the regions.

For this reason, he collaborated with a number of academics and other parties so that this food could long last and become souvenirs.

According to him, this could happen because a number of other regional snacks in Indonesia can be packaged as souvenirs, including Garut dodol and Palembang pempek.

He explained the beginning was made of the sala lauk because the supply of fish at Pariaman was excessive so that residents made fish as salted fish.

"But salted fish is not good if eaten just like that so that people process it into sala lauk," he said.

The result was the food was delicious and accepted by the community and became a typical food for Pariaman.

The Head of the Pariaman City Industry and Cooperative Trade Office in the City of Pariaman, Gusniyetti Zaunit, said that currently there are at least 40 traders selling sala lauak at Pariaman.

"But until now there has been no variation for sala," he said.

Therefore, he organized a variety of sala lauak cooking competitions entitled 'sejuta sala' to bring up the creative idea of food traders at Pariaman. (*)

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