Seven of the most attractive tourist areas in Luak Limapuluh

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Seven of the most attractive tourist areas in Luak Limapuluh

Ngalau Indah attractions in Payakumbuh City. (ANTARA SUMBAR / Syafri Ario)

Payakumbuh (ANTARA) - A total of seven tourist areas in Luak Limapuluh or commonly known as the darek area (land),Luak nan Bungsu (Payakumbuh and Limapuluh Kota Regency) which are usually crowded with residents and nomads during Eid holidays.

"In Payakumbuh, it is usually the bustling Ngalau Indah tourist area, Ngalau Indah swimming pool, Puncak Marajo and Panorama Ampangan," said Head of the Payakumbuh City Tourism, Youth and Sports Office Elfriza Zaharman, in Payakumbuh, on Thursday.

Meanwhile in Limapuluh Kota, Head of Division of Tourism, Youth and Sports Office, Bobby said there were five tourist objects that are usually become favorite places during Lebaran holidays, namely the Harau Valley, Kelok Sembilan, Kapalo Banda, Lubuak Bulan Waterfall and Padang Mengatas Panorama.

Here are the details of eight hit and interesting tourist objects to visit during the Eid holiday in Luak Limapuluh.

1. Ngalau Indah

Ngalau Indah is a cave located about 4 km from the center of Payakumbuh or 31 km from the city of Bukittinggi.

This object is a natural cave with several cave mouths as access in and out. In this big cave, the visitors can see the beauty of the stalactites and stalagmites that are still well preserved.

Inside this cave there are a number of parts of the cave that have unique and very distinctive shapes, one of which is the stone gong.

Elfrita said Ngalau Indah is currently bacome the most visited tourist attraction in Payakumbuh City.

In the Ngalau Indah tourist area, there are also many rides and interesting spots including Puncak Marajo and Ngalau Indah Swimming Pool.

2. Kelok Sembilan

Kelok Sembilan is a winding road connecting Riau province with West Sumatra, located about 30 km east of Payakumbuh City.

This road stretches for 300 meters in Jorong Aie Putiah, Nagari Sarilamak, Harau District.

The Kelok Sembilan has quite sharp turns bordering a ravine, and is flanked by two hills between two nature reserves, namely Cagar Alam Air Putih and Cagar Alam Harau making the scenery in this area very beautiful and enchanting.

Bobby said the travelers that passed Kelok Sembilan always took time to take the pictures while in the Kelok Sembilan area.

3. Harau Valley

The Harau Valley tourist area is a valley flanked by steep and beautiful hills with cliff heights reaching up to 150 meters.

Bobby said that currently the Harau Valley has become the most crowded tourist attraction visited in Limapuluh Kota Regency and even West Sumatra.

In the Harau Valley tourist area currently it has many interesting spots not only waterfalls but also European villages.

"There are also many homestays in Harau for visitor accommodation," he said.

4. Panorama Ampangan

Ampangan tourism object is a favorite place for people around Payakumbuh city.

Its location in the hills presents a very beautiful and wide view. The location of Ampangan Panorama is at the foot of Mount Sago, the hills of the Kenagaraian Aur Kuning, Ampangan Village, Payakumbuh Selatan District. It is around 6 Km from the city center of Payakumbuh.

"This tourist attraction has undergone significant changes from before," Elfrita said.

5. Panorama Padang Mangateh

Bobby said that Padang Mengatas became the largest farm in Southeast Asia in 1955. Animals that were kept at that time were horses, cows, goats and chickens.

In 1958-1961, this farm turned into the location of the PRRI defense base and caused ITT Padang Mengatas to be severely damaged.

Currently a tourist attraction located on Jl. Padang Mangatas, Mungo, Luak, Lima Puluh Kota regency is not only a farm area but has become a tourist attraction that is crowded with visitors.

"Padang Mengatas is popularly known as New Zealand West Sumatra because it is similar to the view of cattle breeding in New Zealand," he said.

6. Air Terjun Lubuak Bulan

Air Terjun Lubuak Bulan has a height of approximately 50 meters. Here, explorers cannot spend their time bathing or swimming.

Air Terjun Lubuak Bulan is located in Jorong Koto Tinggi Kubang Balambak, Kanagarian Simpang Kapuak, Mungka sub-district, Lima Puluh Kota regency.

7. Kapalo Banda

For commoner, the Kapalo Banda Taram is known as the Pulau Banda Kampung Taram which is located in the Payakumbuh highland area which is still part of Bukit Barisan West Sumatra.

Kapalo Banda Taram Starting from a dam that was used for irrigating rice fields of the surrounding community, now Kapalo Banda Taram becomes a tourism potential in Payukumbuh.


"Actually there are still many other tourist objects but those that hit during Eid holiday is that five tourist object, for those who want to feel how the attraction of these attractions can directly visit during the Eid holiday," he said. (*)

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Translated by: Internship Student of ANTARA 2019
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