West Pasaman Assisted Fishermen To Increase Fish Production

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Illustration. (ANTARA SUMBAR/Altas Maulana/)

Simpang Empat, (Antaranews Sumbar) - The government of West Pasaman District, West Sumatra provides a number of equipment in an effort to increase the production of fishermen in the area.

"Right, we continue to increase fish production in West Pasaman, one of the efforts is providing equipment for fishermen," Head of West Pasaman Fisheries Office, Zulfi Agus stated in Simpang Empat on Sunday.

He said it has distributed 200 liters of fish box assistance for Rasaki Basamo Nagari Katiagan group in Kinali Sub-District by 105 units.

The fish box is given to 53 fishermen. Each fisherman gets two units of fish box.

Furthermore, GPS assistance for the group of Hiu Karang Nagari Air Bangis as many as three units.

"The aid came from Department of Marine Affairs and Fisheries of West Sumatra Province and it has been distributed and hopefully beneficial to fishermen," he explained.

Delivery of assistance has been submitted by Vice Governor of West Sumatra, Nasrul Abit, members of West Sumatra Provincial DPRD, Regent of West Pasaman, and West Pasaman Fisheries Department.

It targets the production of fresh and marine fish in the area in 2018 about 116,220 tons.

"Right, we are continuing to increase fish production with various programs and assistance provided," he said.

He said for the cultivation of fresh fish, it will provide help of freshwater fish as much as two million fish will be given to 300 groups of freshwater fish farming.

"The assumption will produce 180 tons which means that the total production of fresh fish in 2018 reaches 6,720 tons," he noted.

According to him, besides providing fish seed, his side also provides supporting facilities such as seeds and feed equipment.

In addition to raise freshwater fish production, the Fisheries Department also established a marine catch fishery program with a production target of 109,500 tons. (cha)

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