A young man from Solok interested in developing local 'batik tulis'

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A young man from Solok interested in developing local 'batik tulis'

Yusrizal shows his processed batik in Solok Regency, W Sumatra, on January 31. (Antara / Tri Asmaini)

Solok (ANTARA) - A young entrepreneur is 27-year-old, Yusrizal from Nagari Koto Baru, Kubung Sub-district, Solok Regency has developed "Salingka Tabek" 'batik tulis'(hand-drawn batik) so that it can be marketed outside regions, such as Riau, Jambi and Jakarta.

"My business was originally started in mid-2017 and produced at the end of 2017," said batik business owner "Salingka Tabek" Yusrizal in Koto Baru, on Friday.

He said the idea to start a business, because his friend's family had a party wearing a handmade batik uniform. The price for a piece of batik tulis reaches more than Rp. 300 thousand.

So, the high interest in using batik made Yusrizal want to start a batik business.

"Initially I learned self-taught, through YouTube I learned how to make batik and various motives," he said.

Then, the group was fostered by the Solok Regency government in 2018. He was also brought by the local government for a comparative study to Yogyakarta in November 2019.

At present he has already produced batik tulis starting at Rp200 thousand, chop batik starting at Rp150 thousand, and batik tanah liek (clay) Rp.480 thousand.

According to him, with quite competitive prices, a month's batik income could reach Rp 12 million to Rp 20 million. Until now, the batik business already has nine workers.

The batik has a distinctive motif that tries to be adapted to the local wisdom of the Solok Regency, such as bareh Solok (rice), Nagari Kapujan, Masjid Tuo, rice and others.

To make one piece of batik, it can take up to four days depending on the motive.

"A month we can produce around 40 sheet, it can be more if we have new employees," he said.

As for marketing, he collaborates with travel agents to bring tourists from outside to his area. In addition, nomads Solok also helped promote batik outside the region.

He has also marketed his batik through online applications, and existing social media. His batik also often participates in exhibitions inside and outside the region, such as Jakarta.

Transleted by: Mutiara Ramadhani

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