Flying Duck Race enters the West Sumatra event calendar

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Flying Duck Race enters the West Sumatra event calendar

Chairperson of The Regional Handicraft Council, Henny Riza Falepi together with the Indonesian Embassy in Brunei Darussalam became the jockey of duck race in the Sicincin Sub-District, Payakumbuh (Antara / special)

Payakumbuh (ANTARA) - Flying Duck Race which is one of the traditions in Payakumbuh, W Sumatra this year has become one of the tourism calendars in the province.

Acting Youth and Sports Tourism Office Payakumbuh City, Andiko Jumarel in Payakumbuh, Thursday, said the local government will maximize the uniqueness of Flying Duck Race which is the annual agenda.

"The opportunity will be maximized and will be a place to introduce the tradition to the national and international levels," he said.

He said, Flying Duck Race is a unique event and the only one in the world.

He wants to make it one of the attractions for tourists to visit the area.

"With this event, hopefully we can increase the number of tourist arrivals in Payakumbuh," he said.

He continues to strive to make Flying Duck Race a tourist attraction by including the tradition in various national and international events held in Payakumbuh.

"For example in the TDS event, we always show Flying Duck Race. In addition, to the guests also present Flying Duck Race, "he said.

Flying Duck Race, he said, in the past, this tradition was started by farmers and youths as entertainment to relieve fatigue after working from rice fields or gardens that had begun to be held since hundreds of years ago.

In fact, the uniqueness of Flying Duck Race is not only in terms of the race but also how the duck care is carried out because not everyone can make the duck fly.

"It takes special training and eating patterns that must be maintained and then held a race with various criteria and rules," he said.

Transleted by: Mutiara Ramadhani

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