BMKG urges people to do environmentally friendly activities to maintain air quality

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BMKG urges people to do environmentally friendly activities to maintain air quality

BMKG GAW Station released the W Sumatra air condition during August 2019 at medium level. People are encouraged to carry out environmentally friendly activities to maintain good air quality. (Photo BMKG GAW Station)

Bukittinggi (ANTARA) - The Meteorology Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG), the Global Atmospheric Monitoring Station (GAW), Bukit Kototabang, W Sumatra appealed to the community to conduct environmentally friendly activities to help maintain local air quality at a good level.

Head of BMKG GAW Station, Wan Dayantolis in his statement confirmed from Bukittinggi, on Wednesday, said that some activities that could be carried out were saving energy, not burning rubbish by implementing reduce, reuse and recycle (3R) and not burning land.

BMKG GAW Station noted that during August 2019 particulate pollution concentration (PM10) was generally at a medium level with the highest concentration of 60 µgram / m3 occurring on August 19.

The medium level is in the range of 50-150 µgram / m3 with a threshold value of the concentration of air pollution allowed in ambient air that is 150 µgram / m3.

While from January to July 2019, it was noted that particulate pollution concentrations were at good levels, in the range of 0 to below 35 µgram / m3.

Particulate pollution is one of the five poisons in the air used to determine air quality standards in the Air Pollution Standards Index (ISPU).

These microscopic substances float in the atmosphere and can survive for weeks which makes the air obscured, reduced visibility and decreases air quality.

Furthermore, he explained that in the second day of September 2019, it is predicted that low rainfall in the central to southern Sumatra with wind direction from east and south Sumatra will move to W Sumatra.

The direction is the monitored location and the occurrence of hotspots and land fires.

"Because of these conditions, people are advised to take part in preventing air quality degradation by undertaking environmentally friendly activities," he said.

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