West Sumatra can not carry out " Table Top" Tourism yet , because of budget

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West Sumatra can not carry out " Table Top"  Tourism yet , because of budget

The opening of "Table Top" Tourism of DIY in Padang. (ANTARA SUMBAR / Miko Elfisha)

Padang (ANTARA) - West Sumatra Tourism need promotionTable Topdirectly to areas of potential interest to provoke tourists in order to increase the number of visits.

"Selling tour packages through social media has indeed made possible today, but a direct connection between travel companies will be better," said the Chairman of the Association of Corporate Travel Indonesia (ASITA) W Sumatra, Ian Hanafiah in Padang, on Wednesday.

Ian said that after attendingTable Toptourism and ASITA Special district of Yogyakarta (DIY) in Padang.

Table Top is a business forum designed to bring together between the implementing regional tourism industry subject (sellers) with the purpose of the regional tourism industry principals (buyer).

Ian mentions the relationship and good communication between travel companies will minimize the possibility of "buying a cat in a sack", which of course would disappoint tourists as consumers.

He appreciatesTable Topheld by tourism and ASITA DIY in Padang by bringing 20 travel company tours and hotels for the promotion of the area's newest tour packages.

He encouraged the W Sumatra provincial government to implement similar things in order for the promotion was done to clear, measurable, and targets visit the tourists mainly domestic can be achieved.

The head of the Tourism Office of W Sumatra Oni Yulfian mentions those activities are indeed positive for regional tourism. Even though it's now rolling out are tourism and ASITA DIY, but he hopes there will be a reciprocal relationship later so it's not just tourists in W Sumatra who go to Yogyakarta but also vice versa.

Similar activities are also carried out his plan by the provincial Government of W Sumatra, but still constrained budgets limited.

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