Yogyakarta brought 20 travel agents to West Sumatra

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Yogyakarta brought 20 travel agents to West Sumatra

Opening of Tourism "Table Top" organized by Yogyakarta Tourism Office and DIY Asita. (ANTARA / Miko Elfisha)

Padang (ANTARA) - The Yogyakarta (DIY) Tourism Office brought 20 travel agents and hotels to W Sumatra to sell potential tourism destinations in the area, in order to increase domestic tourist arrivals.

"We are facilitating travel agent(seller) to sell various Yogyakarta tour packages to travel agents in W Sumatra who act asbuyer," Head of Marketing Division of Yogyakarta Tourism Office, Marlina said on Wednesday.

According to her Yogyakarta and W Sumatra have the same character in terms of tourism both the richness of destinations and the diversity of arts and culture. Moreover, the two provinces also have MoUs related to tourism.

Because of that she was sure, could attract tourists from W Sumatra to visit Yogyakarta with a variety of interesting tour packages.

In the future, the collaboration of the two provinces can also be sold as a "big" tour package, so that tourists who enter through Padang, for example, can go home via Yogyakarta and vice versa.

Meanwhile, representatives of the Indonesian Tourism Travel Association (Asita) DIY, Malia Sayuti said that the province is currently launching a number of new tourist destinations that are not too well known by tourists.

The destination could be a mainstay for Yogyakarta to attract more than 4 million domestic tourists every year.

Candi Borobudur is one of the destinations that can be a superior package in DIY even though it is in Central Java. Tourism that is now being developed is enjoying the sunrise on the hill near the temple known as Puthuk Setumbu.

Candi Prambanan with several small temples around it can also be an option, especially now there is access to a small train to connect the temples.

Taman Sari is also a new destination that can attract tourists. In that place there is a beautiful basement, connecting the pool area with the palace.

Cultural shows and adventure tourism are also widely available in Yogyakarta. There are also tours to ride carts around the village using traditional Yogyakarta clothes.

In the end, the good relations will benefit two parties and two provinces, she said.

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