Padang Panjang entered the national healthy city assessment

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Padang Panjang entered the national healthy city assessment

Preparatory meeting of the Padang Panjang Municipal Government welcomed the national healthy city assessment team (Diskominfo Padang Panjang)

Padang Panjang (ANTARA) - The national healthy city assessment team will visit Padang Panjang, W Sumatra because this city included in the national healthy city assessment nomination .

Padang Panjang Regional Secretary, Sonny Budaya Putera said here on Wednesday that his party had received a notification regarding the verification of a healthy city field scheduled in the near future.

"The assessment team visit in the near future so that now together with the relevant regional apparatuses it is necessary to make preparations to meet the criteria of the assessment team," he said.

Based on the information he received, the assessment team will verify all administrative requirements that have been previously assessed by the team.

Head of the Padang Panjang Public Health Office, Nuryanuwar, said that the area had won several times as a national healthy city, so he said Padang Panjang had its own record for the team.

That experience, he said, must be a reference for each regional apparatus responsible for the object included in the evaluation category in order to make better preparations.

Some of the objects to be assessed are markets, settlements, roads, gutters, rubbish bins, schools, rivers, industries, offices, food and others.

"Each regional apparatus must make preparations because the assessment team randomly descends to the urban vilage to examine documents and objects in the field," he said.

Padang Panjang has won five healthy cities in the Wistara category.

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