KWBT Mandeh was nominated for ISTA 2019

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KWBT Mandeh was nominated for ISTA 2019

Aerial photography of the road to the Mandeh Tourism area at Tarusan, Pesisir Selatan, W Sumatra. ANTARA PHOTOS / Iggoy el Fitra / WSJ.

Painan (ANTARA) - KWBT Mandeh, Pesisir Selatan District, W Sumatra, nominated for the Indonesia Sustainable Tourism Award (ISTA) 2019 will compete with 36 other tourist destinations in Indonesia.

"The total tourist destinations that compete in the ISTA 2019 event reach 37, and Mandeh is one of them," said Regent of Pesisir Selatan, Hendrajoni at Painan on Wednesday.

He added that the entry of Mandeh as a nomination was the pride of the local community, as well as a form of recognition that Mandeh was widely known.

"This activity is also to encourage fire in an effort to continue the development of Mandeh, and ensure that Mandeh is ranked in this event," he said.

Meanwhile Head of Tourism, Youth, and Sport Office of Pesisir Selatan, Hadi Susilo, revealed that besides Mandeh there are also several other tourist destinations that follow the event including West Lombok, Sesaot Tourism Village, West Sumbawa, Alam Asri Jelenga.

Next is Sikka, Koja Doi Tourism Village, Raja Ampat, Sasi Culture of the Kafiau Islands Indigenous People, namely local wisdom in conservation and tourism, Saproken Forest Park Tourism Village, Piaynemo Geowisata Group and Manado, Siladen Resort and others.

He revealed that ISTA participant registration was carried out at the Ministry of Tourism in March to May 2019, during which registration there were 263 registered tourist destinations in Indonesia.

After the selection, 37 tourist destinations are eligible to be nominated for ISTA recipients, then the tourist destinations will be assessed by the ISTA team.

ISTA is an award from the Ministry of Tourism for tourist destinations that have implemented a sustainable tourism system.

The ISTA event has been held by the Ministry of Tourism for the third time this year and is open to all tourism destination managers both area managers, travel agents, service providers, foundations and local communities.

The ISTA winners will be announced on the evening of the awarding on September 27 2019, the winners will receive a prize of a total of Rp1 billion. Furthermore, the winner has the right to take part in a similar award in the ASEAN level, the ASEAN Sustainable Tourism Award (ASTA). (*)

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