Bukittinggi Reintroduces Bukik Apik Coffee

id kopi bukik apik

Illustration. (Antara)

Bukittinggi, (Antaranews Sumbar) - The Government of Bukittinggi Municipality, West Sumatra, raised the local coffee product namely Bukik Apik Coffee by organizing a coffee drinking competition in the courtyard of Jam Gadang on Sunday.

A total of 33 baristas who are involved in coffee shop in West Sumatra also enliven the race mixed drinks-based coffee robusta produced by coffee milling entrepreneurs in Bukik Apik.

The local mayor, M Ramlan Nurmatias in Bukittinggi, on Sunday, said that the production of citizens in Bukik Apik had become a well-known and sought after product by tourists.

"Unfortunately, now Bukik Apik coffee is getting less appealing, even if it has been mixed or does not 100 percent of the coffee beans," he remarked.

In general, by involving the baristas who are in the coffee shop as a competitor and businessman of coffee milling of Bukik Apik, he judges that it will provide benefits for both parties.

"Those who are dropping in Jam Gadang can smell the fragrant coffee of Bukik Apik which is roasted before it is milled, all of this becomes a towing for the community and competitor," he explained.

The impact expected to make it becomes the most sought after products of tourists to Bukittinggi as well as sanjai crackers and rice kapau.

"For the winner of race barista, we will facilitate to sell in the gardens in Bukittinggi, but the coffee sold is Bukik Apik coffee," he added. (cha)

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Editor: Vicha Faradika