Pasaman Has Frozen 96 Units of Cooperatives Throughout 2017

id Pasaman Has Frozen 96 Units of Cooperatives Throughout 2017

Pasaman Has Frozen 96 Units of Cooperatives Throughout 2017

Cooperatives. (Antara)

Lubuk Sikaping, (Antara Sumbar) - The Office of Cooperatives and Micro Medium and Small Enterprises (MSMEs) of Pasaman District, West Sumatra has frozen 96 units of cooperatives throughout 2017 in the area because they are considered inactive to run activities.

"Initially the number of cooperatives in Pasaman District are 231 units, but 96 units are not active anymore so it must be frozen," Secretary of Cooperative MSME Office, Toharuddin stated in Lubuk Sikaping, Monday.

Cooperatives are frozen because of problems such as business units that are not clear and never held annual member meetings (RAT).

"From our records the total number of cooperatives currently amounts to 135, while the active as many as 63 units and who have implemented RAT as many as 46 units," he pointed out.

Of the 135 cooperatives that are still threatened to be dissolved if not implement the RAT on time between January to March. Before the RAT of cooperatives is required to close the book at the end of December 31.

"Implementation of RAT is a requirement to signify the cooperative is active or not, I hope in January 2018 the number of cooperatives that hold RAT will be more and more," he said.

It will prioritize coaching a quality cooperative through healthy category and the number of members continues to grow.

"A quality cooperative indicator is the number of its members growing and routinely rolling out RAT every year," he said.

Cooperatives are the pillars of economy and should be managed professionally, but there are some cooperatives established only to get help from the government.

"If it does not related to business orientation it should not set up a cooperative, if there is a cooperative that does not want to be invited to professionals, we have to dissolve," he said.

He mentioned there are several qualified cooperatives in Pasaman District such as Durian Tinggi Cooperative, KPN Kogsda Lubuksikaping, Kogusda unit I and II Rao.

"Currently, each cooperative has assets of Rp10 billion," he added. (cha)

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