Tourist attractions in Bukittinggi will temporarily close

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Tourist attractions in Bukittinggi will temporarily close

Bukittinggi Mayor Ramlan Nurmatias. (ANTARA/Ira Febrianti)

Bukittinggi (ANTARA) - Mayor of Bukittinggi, West Sumatra M Ramlan Nurmatias asked people not to come to the city for holiday because the local tourist attractions were temporarily closed.

“Start from tomorrow the tourist attractions will be closed, people are asked not to go to Bukittinggi,”

The tourist attractions were closed until the end of March 2020 is a paid tourist attraction in Bukittinggi like the zoo/TMSBK, Panorama Park and Japan Hole.

The closure of the tourist attraction is carried out considering the possibility of some residents using the time to take a vacation to Bukittinggi because a number of regions have issued a policy so that learning activities at school switch at home for two weeks.

"The regions in West Sumatra have already closed schools. We don't want people to take the time to go on vacation here," he said.

As suggestion by the government, the public is urged to maintain health and reduce outdoor activities to anticipate COVID-19 outbreaks.

"If you feel not feeling good, reduce your interactions and immediately check your health at a health facility," he said.

The government of Bukittinggi has provided a service post at the local Health Office and an ambulance that can be contacted at 085103012113.

To prevent the spread of corona, his party spraying disinfectants in public areas, offices and others that will be carried out every day for 10 days.

"Now it's the third day spraying disinfectants and up to the next seven days it still continues," he said.

Transleted by: Mutiara Ramadhani
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