Jesse Ewart become the first winner of Tour de Singkarak 2019

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Jesse Ewart become the first winner of Tour de Singkarak 2019

Jesse Ewart defended the yellow jersey from stage I to stage IX TdS 2019 and became the overall champion. (ANTARA/Miko Elfisha)

Padang (ANTARA) - Australian racer Jesse Ewart from Sapura Cycling Team, Malaysia won the 2019 Tour de Singkarak (TdS) international bicycle racing championship after gathering the fastest time in nine stages.

He performed consistently throughout the championship and managed to keep a record time, so he could maintain the yellow jersey for the Individual General Classification BY Time category that he wore from the start.

The total record time recorded by Ewart is 34 hours 34 minutes 2 seconds.

"My strategy from the start was to maintain a rhythm and not be so persistent that it lasted until the end," he said.

Jesse is not always the fastest at every stage, but he still enters the front group so he can maintain his time record.

Positive trends were also shown by Ewart's teammate Cristian Raileanu. Pocketing a total time of 34 hours 35 minutes 45 seconds, Raileanu won second place in this year's TDS championship.

Meanwhile, the racer from the Omidnia Marshhad Team, Golakhour Mirsamad Pourseyedi, was unable to catch up on the final stage.

Golakhour at the last stage finished in tenth place, only having a total record time of 34 hours 37 minutes 59 seconds to occupy the third podium TdS 2019.

The closing of the 2019 TdS was attended by members of the Indonesian Parliament Nevi Zuairina, W Sumatra Governor Irwan Prayitno, Deputy Governor Nasrul Abit, Deputy of the Ministry of Tourism, Mayor of Padang, Mahyeldi Ansharullah and a number of Regional coordination forum. .

Translated by: Mutiara Ramadhani

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