Tourist arrivals in Tanah Datar will increase at these two events

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Tourist arrivals in Tanah Datar will increase at these two events

Head of Tanah Datar Tourism Office Abdul Hakim (Antara / Etri Saputra)

Batusangkar (ANTARA) - The government of Tanah Datar District, W Sumatra is targeting tourist arrivals to the area to increase at two 2019 Indonesian Tourism Calender of Events (CoE) events held by the local area this year.

Head of the Tanah Datar Tourism Office, Abdul Hakim in Batusangkar on Saturday said the two events were the finish of stage one of the 2019 Tour de Singkarak (TdS) which was held on November 2 and the Minangkabau Enchantment Festival which was held on 4-8 December 2019.

"It is hoped that the two major events that will be included in the 100 national events calendar will be able to boost local and foreign tourist visits to Tanah Datar," he said.

He said for tourist visits to Tanah Datar in 2019 it was targeting 1,075,000 visits, while the realization until August 31 only reached 794,000 visits, still lacking about 281,000 tourists from the target.

While for the realization of regional income from the tourism sector from January to August 2019 it reached Rp4.13 billion, while the target a chieved until December was Rp8,536 billion.

Head of Tanah Datar Tourism Efrison said for the 2019 Minangkabau Enchantment Festival it would break the Indonesian Record Museum (Muri) record of holding and playing the most talempong pacik.

It is planned that as many as 2019 people from Senior high school students will hold and play "talempong pacik" at the event which is centered at the Istano Basa Pagaruyung.

In addition to solving the Muri record, 16 tourism events also enlivened the 2019 Minangkabau charm festival, namely the Minangkabau cultural march, jamba procession, eating "bajamba"(together), breaking MURI record playing the most talempong pacik.

Pagaruyung Expo, Minangkabau and Malay art performances (Riau and Malaysia), matrilineal festivals, pacu jawi attractions.

In addition, tourism photo exhibitions, coffee festivals, cultural dialogue, Van der Cappelen market, awards for journalists who write the most tourism and entertainment news for Minang artists.

He hopes that the TdS and the Minangkabau charm festival also make Tanah Datar become tourism destination in W Sumatra.

Translated by:Mutiara Ramadhani

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