Two types of Tanah Datar batik became uniforms for school and employee

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Two types of Tanah Datar batik became uniforms  for school and employee

Tanah Liek Batik . (ANTARA)

Batusangkar (ANTARA) - The government of Tanah Datar District, W Sumatra, has made two types of batik from the area as school uniforms and staff, including teachers, worn every Thursday.

"These two batik are batik tanah liek from Nagari Sumaniak for employees and teachers. While ancient Pariangan batik is for students, "said the Head of Cooperative Industry and Trade Office (Koperindag) Tanah Datar, Marwan , in Batusangkar on Tuesday.

He said the purpose of wearing regional batik was to empower and improve Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the area and was strengthened by a circular from the Governor of W Sumatra that allowed the region to use local products.

These efforts have been discussed and agreed upon by the school and teachers, and a circular has been issued by the Regent.

"This year as many as 15 thousand ancient Pariangan batik are provided for school students and 7500 batik tanah liek are provided for employees including teachers," he said.

He admitted that the step was one of the efforts to market MSME products that were produced on a large scale. So far, entrepreneurs have difficulty in producing large quantities because there is no capital.

"For example the ancient batik Pariangan, they can not provide 15 thousand batik," he said.

Marwan said for the production of batik is usually in accordance with how large the order.

"The existence of weaving centers in Lintau Buo is expected that students there can help batik production for children in several schools," he said.

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