Half Inmates at Correctional Facility of West Sumatra are drug cases, Attorney General's Office : let's take care of the family

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Deputy Regent of Solok Selatan or South Solok Abdul Rahman welcomed the arrival of the Provincial Ramadhan safari team headed by the West Sumatra High Prosecutor General Criminal Assistant Fadlul Azmi at Nurul Bhakti Timbulun mosque, at Padang Aro. (Antara Sumbar / Erik IA)

Padang Aro (ANTARA) - W. Sumatra High Prosecutor General Criminal Assistant Fadlul Azmi said more than half inmates at correctional facility of that province were drug abuse cases.

"From the actions taken by the National Police and National Narcotics Agency, the cases were transferred to the Prosecutors' Office mostly drug dealers and users, and now more than 50 percent of convicts are drug abuse," he said in front of the Nurul Bhakti mosque during a visit by the Ramadhan Safari team in Padang Aro. Sunday night.

He invites the public to more care about increasing participation in combating illicit trade in narcotics .

He said drug abuse would destroy himself and his family, which ended up in prison.

"If a child is addicted to drugs, he will do everything to get it and do a crime," he said.

He said that if a family is known as a drug user, immediately report to the National Narcotics Agency to be rehabilitated.

The abuse and distribution of narcotics, he said, has been very dangerous and threatens the nation's next generation.

He considered that drug abuse is a form of occupation of the nation targeting the younger generation.

In addition, he invited the public to maintain unity after the 2019 election.

"Maintain all the safe conditions so that the region gets a blessing and we can live peacefully," he said.

Deputy Regent of Solok Selatan, Abdul Rahman said the community should motivate themselves and their families to fast.

"Usually the more end to temptation the greater, especially for tarawih in congregation in the mosque so we have to motivate ourselves," he said. Editor: Tiara Ramadhani

Translated by: Intership Student of ANTARA 2019

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