Tanah Datar won the award Swasti Saba Wistara

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Tanah Datar  won the award Swasti Saba Wistara

The regent of Tanah Datar, Irdinansyah Tarmizi received the award Swasti Saba Wistara from the Ministry of Internal Affairs (Mendagri RI) because it is judged to realize a healthy district indicator. (Antara/Public Relation of Tanah Datar)

Batusangkar (ANTARA) - The government of Tanah Datar Regency, W Sumatra received a Swasti Saba Wistara Award from the Ministry of Internal Affairs (Mendagri RI) because it succeeded in realizing healthy district indicators.

Award submitted by Minister, Tito Karnavian witnessed the Minister of Health Dr. Terawan Agus Putranto to the regent of Tanah Datar Irdinansyah Tarmizi at the Sasana Bakti Praja Kemendagri Building, Jakarta, Tuesday, Nov 20.

"Finally, we can achieve the award Swasti Saba Wistara , thank you for the support of all parties who have worked together to achieve this achievement," said Regent Irdinansyah Tarmizi accompanied Head of the Health Department, Yesrita Zedrianis.

He said the award was a trigger to increase the health sector in the future in Tanah Datar that started from the healthy lifestyle of households.

He invites each regional device organization (OPD) in the area to maintain the achievement and it takes a common commitment to achieve that.

"Our job of maintaining this achievement, hopefully commitment and togetherness can be kept to realize it," he said.

Head of the health department fo Tanah Datar, Yesrita, said before the award was given the team from the center has conducted assessments with field visits with five scoring settings.

Firstly, the order of residential areas and healthy infrastructures include waste banks in Nagari Cubadak, Pasar Serikat Batusangkar and Pagaruyung Park. Second, the setting of healthy tourism area includes the most beautiful village in Nagari Pariangan and Rumah Pohon Tabek Patah.

Thirdly, the order of food security and nutrition includes the group of Farmers Nagari Tanjung Barulak and Nagari Situmbuk. Fourth, the setting of the life of healthy communities that are independent include the elderly Posyandu Nagari Sumanik, Innovation Rokcatin Basah Puskesmas of Batipuh I. Fifth is a healthy social life order.

He hopes the achievement is not only to achieve the award but as a motivation to continue to do better in realizing Tanah Datar become a healthy district thoroughly.

Translated by: Mutiara Ramadhani

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