Pesisir Selatan completes the Carocok-Painan 2020 ring road

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Pesisir Selatan completes the Carocok-Painan 2020 ring road

Hendrajoni regent when reviewing the ring road of Carocok Painan Beach. (Antara Sumbar/Didi Someldi Putra)

Painan (ANTARA) - The regent of Pesisir Selatan, W Sumatra, Hendrajoni will complete the construction of Carocok Painan Beach ring road with the length 1.7 kilometers in 2020.

"The total length of this road is about 2.7 kilometers, and about one kilometer has been paved. The rest will be paved in 2020, "said Regent Hendrajoni when visiting the location on Wednesday.

He added that there were no obstacles in the implementation, the current conditions had already been hardened, but because of constraints the budget had not finally been resolved.

At least, he continued, a budget of up to IDR 4 billion was needed to complete the road.

"With the completion of this ring road, the beauty of maritime tourism around the attractions of Carocok Painan Beach is more freely explored by tourists," he said.

In addition, the road will also be used to unravel congestion during a visit to the Carocok Painan Beach, especially during school holidays, year-end and Eid holidays.

Carocok Painan Beach tourist attraction is one of the mainstay attractions in the Pesisir Selatan in addition to the Integrated Marine Tourism Area (KWBT) Mandeh, Jembatan Akar and others.

Various water rides can be tried there starting from banana boats, speed boats. In addition, diving equipment rental services are also available so that tourists can enjoy the beauty of coral reefs, complete with beautiful colored small fish.

Next the location is also connected with Cingkuak Island, this island is unique because there are ruins of the Portuguese Fort.

The sand of Cingkuak Island is white so that many tourists spend time playing sand there, while the Portuguese Fort is often used as a photography location or take a picture together.

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