W Sumatra is Ready To Compete in Attracting Foreign Investors in RIF

id W Sumatra is Ready To Compete in Attracting Foreign Investors in RIF

Mandeh Tourism Area, West Sumatra. (Antara)

Padang, (Antara Sumbar) - West Sumatra Province is ready to compete with six regions in Indonesia which are The participants of 2017 Regional Investment Forum (RIF) to seize the attention of domestic and foreign investors to invest in the region.

"We prepare all informations from existing investment potential. If it is necessary, we will invite potential investors directly to review the potential interest," Governor of West Sumatra Irwan Prayitno stated while being contacted from Padang on Saturday.

The six areas that will be the competitors of West Sumatra are Toba Lake (North Sumatra), Tanjung Kelayang (Bangka Belitung), Tanjung Lesung (Banten), Thousand Islands and Kota Tua (DKI Jakarta), Borobudur (Central Java), and Bromo-Tengger-Semeru (East Java).

While West Sumatra offers two integrated tourism areas namely Mandeh and Gunung Padang.

Irwan said the position as a host is very strategic because investors have the opportunity to see the potential directly. Excellence that would be used as much as possible, especially in a number of "one on one meeting" that has been scheduled.

According to him, "one on one meeting" is the demand of investors. It means that there are foreign investors who currently have a very big interest to invest in West Sumatra to request a meeting directly with West Sumatra Provincial Government team.

"Data from BKPM center which has filed a business meeting with West Sumatra, there are 20 foreign investors and it still can increase," Irwan pointed out.

In general, provincial government has to understand that 19 districts and municipalities in West Sumatra have little local revenue (PAD).

"It is only five percent, except Padang. Then, the other comes from DAU and DAK from central government," he said.

People who have not understood the importance of the investment, will gradually be given understanding.

Meanwhile, Head of Investment Coordinating Board and One Stop Service of West Sumatra, Maswar Dedi said a number of policies related to ease of licensing have been done to attract investors to the area.

In fact, today's services are delivered online more effectively.

Based on data in the first half of 2017, the value of investments in West Sumatra reached Rp400 billion, mostly for tourism sector and its supporting infrastructure.

The number increased sharply from 2016 which is under the number of Rp100 billion.

"It shows that West Sumatra has begun to look at domestic and foreign investors for investment," he said.

Previously, Deputy of Investment Promotion of Capital Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) Center, Himawan Hariyoga said the investment opportunities of tourism sector in West Sumatra are very promising.

Besides, the RIF will be attended by 400 investors from 15 participating countries including Australia, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, United Arab Emirates (PEA), United States, Canada, UK, Yemen, India, Spain, Luxembourg, China, Taiwan, Russia and Mauritius. (cha)

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