South Solok Extends Emergency Response Period of Floodwaters

id South Solok Extends Emergency Response Period of Floodwaters

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Padang, (Antara Sumbar) - South Solok District, West Sumatra, extends the emergency response period of floodwaters that hit Nagari Pakan Rabaa Tengah for 14 days, ie September 22 to October 5, 2017.

"According to the agreement of meeting yesterday, which was attended by the Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture, the emergency response is extended for 14 days starting from today until October 5, 2017," Deputy Commander of Floodwaters Emergency Response Koto Parik Gadang Diateh Sub-district, Editorial when contacted at Padang Aro on Friday (Sept 22).

Previously, South Solok District has set a seven-day emergency response period from 15 to 22 of September 2017 related to a floodwaters disaster that struck Nagari Pakan Rabaa Tengah.

The reason of the extended emergency response period related to the clearance of facilities and public facilities directly affected by "galodo" on Thursday (Sept 14) has not been completed, the cleaning of mud that piles the homes of people affected by flood does not completed too.

People affected by the flood are still facing difficulties in clean water because the company's network of drinking water (PDAM) is not repaired yet.

"The local PDAM intake in Batang Lolo hit by flood material has not been repaired, it supplies water to people affected by the flood," he said.

Clean water of residents affected by flash flood is still supplied by six tank trucks coming from the aid of Padang City two units, one from local BPBD, two units from South Solok PDAM and the Ministry of Social one unit.

The Ministry of Public Works and People's Housing has also assisted 20 hydrant units located in disaster areas.

The local government has deployed heavy equipment to clean the river from the mud and wood that was swept away by the flash flood.

He explained that the extension of emergency response period for 14 days will be used to improve the clean water facilities, cleaning the houses, repairing five damaged irrigation. "Implementation is still an emergency," he said.

Currently the local government deployed Satpol PP, officers from the Social Service, assisted by the police and TNI as well as the sub-district and nagari to help communities clean the houses from the mud.

"We held a mutual cooperation which was commanded by the Regent to help residents clean up the mud in their house," he said.

Flash floods hit four jorong (hamlets) in Nagari Pakan Rabaa Tengah, Koto Parik Gadang Diateh Sub-district, South Solok, on Thursday (Sept 14) at around 09.30 pm. The four jorong that directly affected the the flash flood, namely Batang Lolo Atas, Batang Lolo Bawah, Batu Kulamba. (cha)

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