Road infrastructure development become priority for advancing Nagari Garabak Data: Nasrul Abit

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Road infrastructure development become priority for advancing Nagari Garabak Data: Nasrul Abit

Deputy Governor Nasrul Abit and his entourage were heading to Nagari Garabak Data for a working visit to this isolated area. (ist)

Padang (ANTARA) - To advance Nagari Garabak Data, one of the disadvantaged villages in Solok Regency, West Sumatra, the construction of road infrastructure is a priority to open up transportation access and other economic access, said Deputy Governor Nasrul Abit.

This is the concern of the Deputy Governor of West Sumatra, Nasrul Abit, on how to advance underdeveloped areas. Then how to maximize basic services, education, health, access to community economic development.

This was expressed in a working visit by the West Sumatra Provincial Government with Nasrul Abit and his entourage to visit isolated areas in West Sumatra on August 10, 2020.

This time Nasrul Abit and his entourage targeted the visit to the Nagari Garabak Data, Solok Regency. However, before visited the location, the West Sumatra Deputy Governor visited the Hiliran Gumanti District Health Center.

In the Lembah Gumanti Nasrul Abit not only had a dialogue with the residents but also provided assistance in the form of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) consisting of 10 pairs of boots, 40 azmat clothes, 13 boxes of latex gloves, 10 pcs of N95 masks, 15 boxes of surgical masks ( contains 50 pcs), 15 google masks, 5 face shields, 40 hand sanitizer bottles, 7 thermogun pieces and 20 sacks of rice.

"This assistance is part of concern for the community. I hope that assistance can alleviate the needs of Public health center, related to the corona virus outbreak (COVID-19)," said Nasrul Abit.

The West Sumatra Deputy Governor appealed to the public to follow the government's appeal in mitigating the spread of COVID-19, both through social / physical distancing.

In addition, the West Sumatra Deputy Governor said that he would visit the Nagari Garabak Data which is surrounded by hills in order to accelerate development there.

Head of Hiliran Gumanti Sub-district, Romi Hendrawan, expressed his gratitude for the working visit in his area.

"On behalf of the Hiliran Gumanti people, I would like to thank the West Sumatra Deputy Governor and all levels of the provincial government who have visited," he said.

"The road is very strategic for people to pass between sub-districts, to transport agricultural products and other economic access," he said.

After listening to the aspirations of the Garabak Data community, the West Sumatra Deputy Governor promised to discuss it to related parties, including at the central government.

Transleted by: Mutiara Ramadhani
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