Piaman artists and PKK in Padang Pariaman fight COVID-19, make PPE to help Regional Public Hospital

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Piaman artists and PKK in Padang Pariaman fight COVID-19, make PPE  to help Regional Public Hospital

One of the artists handed over personal protective equipment to medical staff at the local hospital. (ANTARA / special)

Parit Malintang (ANTARA) - A number of artists in Padang Pariaman Regency and Pariaman City, West Sumatra together with a number of Family Welfare Movement (PKK) Nagari Balah Hilia, Lubuk Alung District made personal protective equipment (PPE) to help three hospitals in the area .

"We made PPE in the form of Hazmat suits to be distributed to hospitals in Padang Pariaman and Pariaman City. Artists designed the designs while PKK mothers sewed," Chairman of Batajau Seni Piaman Forum Muhammad Fadly said at Parit Malintang on Wednesday.

He said that at least 12 hazmat suits on Tuesday (3/31) had been distributed by artists who were members of Batajau Seni Piaman Forum to three hospitals in the two regions.

He mentioned that the three hospitals were Pariaman Regional Public Hospital and Sadikin Regional Public Hospital located in the City of Pariaman and Padang Pariaman Regional Public Hospital located in Enam Lingkung Subdistrict, Padang Pariaman Regency.

He conveyed that the making of the PPE will continue and this is care action of artists from both regions.

"In addition to the Hazmat suits, we also make face shields and we have submitted them to the Lubuk Alung Health Center," he said.

He conveyed that the PPE-making funds came from local businessmen who were concerned with medical personnel to face the COVID-19 outbreak.

While the PKK mothers are volunteers who want to take the time to sew hazmat suits because they care about the development of the outbreak.

"We still have material to sew, but we need volunteers to sew it," he said.

He invited entrepreneurs to set aside money to buy PPE, especially for medical personnel and buy disinfectants to spray residents' homes.

"Even if there are neighbors who do not eat because the sale is not sold or other problem about economy, this is the time we help," he said.

Transleted by: Mutiara Ramadhani

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