BPCB West Sumatra do conservation at the Sijunjung customary village, towards the world heritage

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The atmosphere of the Sijunjung Traditional Village (Ist)

Muaro (ANTARA) - West Sumatra Cultural Heritage Conservation Center /BPCB in collaboration with the Regional Government of Sijunjung Regency is carrying out national conservation towards World Heritage for the Padang Ranah Indigenous Village Area in Nagari Sijunjung.

This was revealed by the Head of the West Sumatra Cultural Heritage Preservation Center, Nurmatias, at the local Education and Culture Office meeting room on Wednesday, June 12.

Then he said, this conservation can be interpreted as an act of maintenance, preservation, or treatment that is applied to cultural heritage material.

She explained, the aim of conservation of the Nagari Sijunjung Indigenous Village Reserve House is to preserve Rumah Gadang and the values contained in it, so that this conservation themed Minangkabau Culture Towards a UNESCO World Heritage.

Then, this conservation is carried out not only in the form of direct handling of Rumah Gadang buildings, but begins with the socialization of cultural heritage conservation and then jointly conservation of several existing Rumah Gadang in the area.

The speakers at the socialization were the Director of Cultural Heritage Conservation with conservation materials starting from the Cultural Heritage Area Conservation Policy, Dr. Joni Wongso, Architecture of Bung Hatta University with the material are Minangkabau Traditional Architecture and Settlements, Dr. Yustinus Suranto from Forestry, Gadjah Mada University delivered the material of Wood as a Compiler Component of Cultural Heritage Buildings.

In addition, the main material about conservation was delivered directly from the Borobudur Conservation Center with the material of Wood Material Cultural Heritage Conservation and the Head of West Sumatra Cultural Heritage Preservation Hall as the host delivering material on Preservation of Wood Material Cultural Heritage in West Sumatra.

The activity was held for five days starting from June 20-24, 2019 in the Nagari Sijunjung Customary Settlement Area and on June 24, 2019 it was welcomed with a traditional ritual event.

At the time of conservation, BPCB West Sumatra involved students in the form of student visits with the aim that the process of preserving the Gadang House was also known to the younger generation, he added.

Editor: Mutiara Ramadhani

Translated by : Internship Student of ANTARA 2019

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