4,286 Foreign Tourists Visit W Sumatra in April

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4,286 Foreign Tourists Visit W Sumatra in April

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Padang, (Antaranews Sumbar) - Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) of West Sumatra noted that foreign tourist arrivals to the province in April 2018 reached 4,286 people.

"Foreign tourist arrivals in April 2018 contributed 0.33 percent to the total number of foreign tourists visiting Indonesia which reached 1,300,738 people," Head of West Sumatra BPS Sukardi stated in here on Wednesday (June 6).

In April 2018, he said that the visits are dominated by tourists from Malaysia 3,523 people, Australia 284 people and United States 47 people.

Then, France 40 people, Singapore 39 people, Japan 27 people, China 24 people, Britain 24 people, India 10 people and other countries 583 people.

He ensured that the number of foreigners arriving is gotten by immigration at Minangkabau International Airport Padang Pariaman and if it is previously from Jakarta or Medan it will be recorded at the arrival airport. (cha)

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