West Sumatra is the most visited by Malaysian tourists

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West Sumatra is the most visited by Malaysian tourists

Head of W Sumatra Central Statistics Agency (W Sumatra), Sukardi (second from left). (ANTARA).

Padang (ANTARA) - The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) of W Sumatra recorded foreign tourists visiting the province in July 2019 reaching 5,197 people who were dominated by tourists from Malaysia.

"In July 2019 as many as 5,197 foreign tourists came to W Sumatra, down 0.76 percent compared to June, which reached 5,237 people," Head of BPS W Sumatra Sukardi said on Monday.

Sukardi conveyed that in July 2019 the visit was dominated by 3,550 tourists from Malaysia, 432 from Australia and 124 from France.

Then the United States 77 people, the Netherlands 72 people, New Zealand 50 people, Thailand 51 people, Singapore 48 people, South Africa 37 people, China 35 people and other countries 718 people.

He confirmed that the number recorded was those who entered through immigration at the Minangkabau International Airport, if previously from Jakarta or Medan it would be recorded at the arrival airport.

Previously the W Sumatra Tourism Office targeted tourists from Malaysia to increase the number of tourist arrivals in 2019, because the country was not affected by high ticket prices.

"Malaysian tourists aren't affected by the high cost of domestic flight tickets. It's very good if we hook this country, "said Head of W Sumatra Tourism Office, Oni Yulfian.

According to him, inviting tourists by making attractive and inexpensive travel packages that can attract their interest to come.

"Looking at the economic growth rate of W Sumatra, which has been relying on exports, the agricultural sector and others, needs a new mobilizer, namely the tourism sector," said W Sumatra's BI representative, Wahyu Purnama.

According to him, W Sumatra has sea, lake, mountains, and beautiful nature. "Now all that remains is to package everything into a new force to become a tourist attraction that is known not only on a national but also international scale," he said.

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