Lapan Agam observed a partial lunar eclipse at Payakumbuh

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Lapan Agam observed a partial lunar eclipse at Payakumbuh

Illustration - Photo combo of the total lunar eclipse phase was seen in the city of Padang, W Sumatra, on Saturday July 28 morning. The "Micro Blood Moon" total lunar eclipse was the longest in this century, with total time including more than six hours of penumbra and partial phases. ANTARA SUMBAR / Iggoy el Fitra / Maril / 18

Bukittinggi (ANTARA) - The Institute of National Aviation and Space (Lapan) of Agam Regency, W Sumatra, conducted a partial lunar eclipse observation which took place on WednesdayJuly 17 morning at Payakumbuh.

"If the weather is bright, we carry out observations at the Mangkuto Hotel at Payakumbuh. Another alternative location in the Lapan Agam mess at Gadut area, "said Lapan Atmospheric Engineering Staff Agam Ridho Pratama was contacted from Bukittinggi on Monday.

He said the observations needed the support of sunny weather conditions but based on weather forecast information for the next two days, it was predicted to be cloudy but his side was still preparing equipment to make observations.

The brightest partial eclipse occurs when the earth is between the sun and the moon. In that event, a portion of the moon's disk entered the earth's shadow.

Throughout Indonesia, the space phenomenon can be observed with the naked eye and with the support of sunny weather conditions but not all phases can be seen.

"The best position to see is our position in the western region," he said.

The partial lunar eclipse entered the penumbra phase on Wednesday July 17 around 1.30 a.m in the morning and then entered the part of the lunar eclipse phase at 3.00 a.m and the peak occurred at around 4.30 a.m.

The position of the moon is in the West.

Observations conducted by Lapan will produce data in the form of photos and videos for space phenomenon data information. For the community, observations are useful as education.

"When it happened it was in recess so we predicted that no residents would observe it, but actually this observation was open. If there are people who want to join us, "he said.

Previously, he planned to conduct observations in public areas such as Jam Gadang or in the Bukittinggi Canteen Field, but because the position of the moon was in the West, the location was not chosen because it was blocked by buildings in that direction.

"Now the choice is in Payakumbuh. If indeed the weather is not supportive, we do the observation in the Lapan mess just in the Gadut area, "he said.

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