Agam will present the new tourist destination named Linggai

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Agam will present the new tourist destination named Linggai

Linggai Tourism Objects in Maninjau Lake, Tanjungraya District, Agam Regency. Yusrizal (Antara Sumbar / Yusrizal)

Lubuk Basung (ANTARA) - The Government of Agam Regency, W Sumatra, will present Linggai is the new tourist destination in the Lake Maninjau area for a family holiday destination that longs for the beauty of natural scenery.

"This year we allocated a budget of Rp.4.4 billion to continue the development of the Linggai tourist attraction in Lake Maninjau," said the Secretary of the Youth and Sports Tourism Agency Agus Agadi in Lubukbasung on Thursday.

He said the Rp.4.4 billion in funds would be used for the construction of playing infrastructure facilities, prayer rooms and others for Rp2.8 billion.

The rest is for the construction of parking locations, souvenir stalls, fences and others or a total of Rp. 1.6 billion.

"These funds come from special allocation funds (DAK) and general allocation funds (DAU)," he said.

He said the tender process for the work had been completed and the winner had been announced.

There are even partners who have started doing work, and he hopes that the development will be in accordance with the work contract.

"We will supervise at all times so that the work is in accordance with the contract," he added.

He added that the development of the Linggai Tourism Object is targeted to be completed in 2020, so that it can be used for the location of the Festival Pesona Danau Maninjau in 2020.

Next year, the local Youth and Sports Tourism Office will propose the construction of facilities and infrastructure that have not yet been built.

"The construction of the tourist attraction will be completed by 2020, and the tourist attraction will be superior in that area," he said.

Construction of the tourist attraction began since 2017 with funds of Rp.2.2 billion. In 2018 with funds of Rp.2.4 billion and 2019 with funds of Rp.4.4 billion.

The existence of this Linggai Tourism Object adds to tourist destinations in the area, because the view of Lake Maninjau is quite good at that location.

In this way, it opens business opportunities for the surrounding community from selling food, souvenirs, transportation services and others.

"This is what we hope for with the existence of the tourist attraction and the community must give full support," he said. (*)

Editor: Mutiara Ramadhani

Translated by: Internship Student of ANTARA 2019
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