West Sumatra Ready to "Export" Chefs at Padang's Restaurant

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Head of Development Cooperation Bureau and Rantau Secretary of W. Sumatra Province Luhur Budianda. (ANTARA SUMBAR / Miko Elfisha)

Padang (ANTARA) - The Government of W. Sumatra Province is ready to send certified chefs to Padang restaurants in all regions in Indonesia to maintain the originality and halalness of Minangkabau typical culinary products.

"We can work together with the Manpower Office to prepare certified chefs regardless of requests from outside the region," said Head of the W. Sumatra Development and Rantau Cooperation Bureau, Luhur Budianda in Padang on Thursday.

According to him, Padang Restaurant has spread throughout all provinces in Indonesia, even overseas. Not only in neighboring countries, in Europe and America there are also restaurants that serve Minang's unique culinary delights.

According to Luhur, the amount may have been thousands, although it is difficult to verify because some of the Padang restaurants now do not belong to Minang people, but local people who usually worked at Padang Resto.

"The potential is very large to absorb workers from W. Sumatra, including being a chef," said Luhur.

Certified chefs imported directly from W. Sumatra will be a guarantee for the originality of a typical culinary taste that is very appetizing such as rendang or dendeng batokok.

In addition, halal products can also be more guaranteed so consumers do not need to worry and can eat comfortably.

Luhur assessed that the cooperation model would be easier to do if every province in Indonesia had a Padang Restaurant Association so that coordination could be better established.

"Later, what are the needs of the chef's staff, the association that communicates with the West Sumatra Provincial Government so that the Manpower Office can prepare personnel ready to use as needed. "Freelancing is only one or two jobs, certainly not effective," he said.

He encouraged the nomads who have Padang Restaurant business in Indonesia and even the world to immediately form the association so that cooperation can be immediately communicated. ***

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