Traffic Flow Increasing in Bukittinggi is Estimated To Begin Today

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AKP Sukur Hendri Saputra. (ANTARA SUMBAR/ Ira Febrianti)

Bukittinggi, (Antaranews Sumbar) - Resort Police of Bukittinggi Municipality, West Sumatra estimates the increase in traffic flow in the area began to occur today.

"The possibility of traffic flow is starting to increase on Saturday (June 9) because the holiday has started," Head of Bukittinggi Resort Police Unit, AKP Sukur Hendri Saputra stated in here on Saturday.

While the peak of homecoming flow is predicted to occur on Monday (June 11) because employees from offices or government employees have been on leave and school children have a holiday at that time.

He said that traffic jams are inevitable due to the increase in vehicle volume because there is a tradition of going home and going on holiday during Eid, but it prepares traffic engineering to keep the traffic moving.

"If traffic conditions in the city are crowded, we will cut the flow and apply one path in order to break down the density," he remarked.

The application of traffic engineering began to be applied in the city entrance such as Simpang Jambu air, the current was diverted to Simpang Taluak to By Pass.

While within the city is applied one path such as from Simpang DPRD to Panorama, when there is the current re-diverted at Simpang Ngarai.

"Officers will be on guard to arrange and direct motorists related to traffic engineering. Besides, it needs order support so there is no vehicles that park at random roadside," he explained. (cha)

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Editor: Vicha Faradika