Bukittinggi Experiences 0.28 Percent Inflation in March 2018

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Illustration - Inflation. (Antara)

Bukittinggi, (Antaranews Sumbar) - Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) of Bukittinggi Municipality, West Sumatra recorded that the region is experiencing inflation of 0.28 percent in March 2018 as the price of foodstuffs rose, Head of the local BPS, Muklis stated in Bukittinggi.

He said that in addition to the foodstuff category, there are six other spending groups that also contribute to inflation in the area during March 2018.

They are food, beverage, cigarette and tobacco, housing, water, electricity, gas and fuel group, clothing group, health group, education, recreation and sport group as well as transport, communication and financial services group.

Some commodities that experienced the highest price increase were red chili, eel, garlic, onion, chicken meat, jengkol, tilapia, green chili, gold jewelry, beans, soft drinks and others.

In March 2018, 57 of the 82 city consumer price index (CPI) experienced inflation and Bukittinggi was ranked 26th.

Head of Trade Section of Cooperative, SME and Trade Service of Bukittinggi, Alizar said the price increase during March 2018 is still within reasonable limits.

Commodities whose prices are often up and down are red chili and onions.

"The price of the most expensive red chili can reach Rp50,000 and the cheapest Rp20,000 while the highest onion Rp30,000 and the lowest Rp20,000," he pointed out.

While in the rice commodity, due to the harvest in March 2018 commodity prices are stable and tend to fall. (cha)

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