Pesisir Selatan Government fixed Puncak Paku park, KWBT Mandeh

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Pesisir Selatan Government fixed Puncak Paku park, KWBT Mandeh

Repair of Puncak Paku Park, KWBT Mandeh. (ANTARA/special)

Painan (ANTARA) - The Government of Pesisir Selatan, W Sumatra has fixed Puncak Paku Park, KWBT Mandeh in Koto XI Tarusan Subdistrict after be destructed by unknown people some time ago.

"Puncak Paku park return we arrange, included the facilities there," said the Subdistrict Head of Koto XI Tarusan, Deby Anggara in Painan, on Tuesday.

Before and after repair, his party continued to establish communication with the local community for together to keep the park.

"Mandeh is not only popular by domestic tourists but also by foreign tourists, for that, facilities and infrastructur should be mantained together so, the area keep beautiful overall," he explained.

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The damage of Puncak Paku park was known on Tuesday (6/16) when the local Regent, Hendrajoni with a number of officials visited the location.

Besides teh park, Hendrajoni also found the road guardrail that broken thus it is potentially aggravated the condition of the driver and passengers if an accident occurred because at the site there are steep ravines with varying depth.

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He was enough disappointed about the damage in the location especially on Puncak Paku park which is one of the favorite locations for selfie.

Hence, he urge the community around Mandeh area with the village, and Subdistrict officials, also law enforcement agencies for together to maintain the facilities and infrastructur.

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