West Sumatra arrange tricks to make tourists stay longer

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West Sumatra arrange tricks to make tourists stay longer

The Linggai Park tourist attraction, on the shores of Lake Maninjau, Agam Regency, W Sumatra. The W Sumatra BI assess the tourism sector can be a source of new economic growth going forward. (Antara / Iggoy El Fitra)

Padang (ANTARA) - The Tourism Office of W Sumatra arranged tricks to make tourists stayed longer in the area by maximizing five tourist areas with different attractions.

The head of the W Sumatra Tourism Office, Novrial, said the five regions were marine, geopark, traditions, relics of colonial times and surfing.

"With these five regions, tour companies can sell packages for at least five days. That's a long enough time to stay," he said in Padang on Saturday.

But to realize that, it needs seriousness of all parties to focus on maximizing the development of the tourist area so that it is truly feasible and has an attraction for tourists.

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"Therefore we are trying to equate this rhythm with the regency / city because the authority of tourism is indeed in the area. One of them is with a coordination meeting," he said.

Meanwhile, staff of the W Sumatra Tourism Office, Doni Hendra said the five regions consisted of several districts / cities.

The marine or central marine areas are in Padang City, Pesisir Selatan regency, Padang Pariaman and Pariaman City, the central geopark areas are in Bukittinggi City then Agam Regency, Limapuluh Kota, Pasaman, Pasaman Barat and Payakumbuh City.

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Then the central tradition areas are in Tanah Datar District, Padang Panjang City, Solok Regency, Solok City and Solok Selatan Regency.

The historical heritage areas are in the City of Sawahlunto, Sijunjung and Dharmasraya Regencies. While the surfing area is in Mentawai Islands Regency.

"We hope that the regencies / cities can focus for their regional tourism development on the division of the area," he said.

Transleted by; Mutiara Ramadhani

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