Enter new normal, tourism sector return to develop in Padang

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Enter new normal, tourism sector return to develop in Padang

The Head of the Culture and Tourism Office, Padang City, Arfian (ANTARA/Ikhwan Wahyudi)

Padang (ANTARA) - Tourism Office of Padang, W Sumatra said that tourism sector in Padang return to develop after enforcement the new normal era since June 13, 2020.

"Since the enforcement of the new normal, tourism sector start to develop again," said the head of Tourism Office, Arfian in Padang, on Sunday.

According to him, it was a good news to increase again the economy from tourism sector in Padang.

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He explained the Tourism sector that began to develop can be seen from several destinations that began crowd to visit by tourists.

Several of the destinations are the best tourist attractions in the local area such as Pantai Padang, Gunuang Padang, and Pantai Air Manis.

According to him, for Gunuang Padang area the visit of visitors on weekdays were more than 100 people, meanwhile, on weekend there were 500 people.

While the visit data to Pantai Air Manis, he still did not know because that place was managed by the Regional Public Company.

He also said that several of tourism objects are use as places to exercise such as running and cycling.

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Besides the tourist destinations, the other tourism sector that started to develop was entertainment places because all of them have started to operate, included of 41 cafe or karaoke place that were exist.

Arfian also claimed the the occupancy rate in the hotel also increased because there were reaching of 60 percent.

He explained that needed extra effort to recover tourism sector to the normal conditions before pandemic.

"One of the opportunity is held an event, but, it need communicated and studied because there are the health protocol that need to attention," he said.

Transelted by: Mutiara Ramadhani

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