Mentawai forms task force at the village level to maximize the prevention of COVID-19

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Mentawai forms task force at the village level to maximize the prevention of COVID-19

Deputy Regent of the Mentawai Islands, Kortanius Sabaleake visited the building which will be used as an isolation room for handling COVID-19. (ANTARA / COVID-19 Task Force Mentawai)

Padang (ANTARA) - District Government of Mentawai Islands, West Sumatra has formed a task force at the village level as part of efforts to anticipate the spread of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) in the area.

"This is part of the results of our evaluation since establishing regional quarantine, volunteers or task forces at the village level will be more effective in breaking the spread of COVID-19," Deputy Regent of Mentawai Kortanius Sabaleake when contacted by Antara on Thursday.

He explained, since enacting the quarantine period of the region, his party conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the development and spread of viruses in the area. The formation of the task force can hamper and oversee cases at the village level.

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In addition, he said, the task force at the village level would be more effective in overseeing the movement of people coming and going and providing socialization and education to community directly.

"For the number of each task force, it depends on the village head," he said.

Kortanius also said that he had instructed the use of village funds to be allocated for handling COVID-19 and to support the formation of a task force.

He said, activities that could be carried out by the village task force were socializing information about COVID-19, such as symptoms, ways of transmission, to preventive measures, spirt disinfectants, and ensure that there were no residents gathered.

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"In addition, they can also create an isolation space for people who have just arrived," he said.

He added, the Mentawai district government would also restrict the movement of people inter-island.

In Mentawai there was one positive patient of COVID-19 who was undergoing treatment at the Mentawai Regional Hospital, and eight people were waiting for the results of a swab test from Laboratory of FK Unand. (*)

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