The tradition of Arak Kio of Lie-Kwee family attract domestic tourists

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The tradition of Arak Kio of Lie-Kwee family attract domestic tourists

Kio procession cultural attraction of the Lie-Kwee family association in the city of Padang, W Sumatra, Tuesday, Feb 4. (ANTARA/ HO)

Padang (ANTARA) - Thousands of residents of the city of Padang, W Sumatra enthusiastically watched the performance of the Kio procession cultural attractions from the Lie-Kwee family gathering, in the Pondok area, Padang Selatan District, Tuesday.

Aside from being a series of activities of Cap Go Meh 2571 citizens of Chinese in the city of Padang, Kio's cultural attraction is also in the context of enlivening the 150th anniversary of the Lie-Kwee family gathering.

A total of 150 Lie-Kwee family members who have migrated to neighboring provinces, including those outside the country, are now in the city of Padang.

For residents of Chinese, Kio's procession is not just a performance of cultural attractions. But also, part of the ritual to cleanse oneself from sins and mistakes and, as a form of gratitude for all the graces that have been received during the previous year.

"Kio procession is still in the series of Cap Go Meh activities. Incidentally, it coincided with the 150th birthday of the Lie-Kwee family association. The whole Lie-Kwee family is already in Padang. There were 50 of them came from Malaysia. "special to attend in this event," said Cap Go Meh 2571 executive Albert Hendra Lukman on Tuesday.

Seeing the enthusiasm of visitors, the target of the organizing committee to bring in domestic tourists is achieved.

"The enthusiasm of visitors is quite high because many visitor come and it has a positive impact on our tourism," said Albert.

In the coming year he will make a series of Cap Go Meh activities even more interesting. So that the number of foreign tourist arrivals that come even more.

According to him, one of the things that distinguishes Cap Go Meh activities in Padang is with bringing in national figures. The figure will share knowledge and experience on national governance, law, social, cultural and other.

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