Agam received assistance of 24,000 coffee seeds

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Agam received assistance of 24,000 coffee seeds

Coffee farmers. (IST)

Lubuk Basung (ANTARA) - Agam District received assistance of 24 thousand arabica coffee seeds from the W Sumatra Province Food Office in 2019.

The head of Agam's Fisheries and Food Security Service, Ermanto in Lubukbasung, said on Thursday that 24 thousand coffee seeds were planted on a 24-hectare plot of land.

One hectare of land is 1,000 coffee seeds with a spacing of about 2 x 5 meters.

He said the seedlings for Nagari Koto Tinggi in Baso District were eight hectares, Pakan Sinayan, Banuhampu District, eight hectares and Padang Tarok, Baso District, eight hectares.

The seedlings are planted in farmer's plantation land and they take care of them to the full extent of the knowledge given by the W Sumatra Food Security Office.

"At present the community has started clearing land and the clearing began on Wednesday August 7," he said.

In addition to seedling assistance, he added, farmers also get a field school from the W Sumatra Food Security Service starting from suitable planting to harvest.

The assistance is for independent food nagari in the area in improving the economy of the surrounding community.

Independent food nagari is above 800 meters above sea level.

"This is in accordance with the location of the arabika coffee type living area," he added.

He hopes that the coffee can live around 15 hectares, so that in the next few years these three locations will become central coffee. (*)

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