"Swiss Van Sumatera" in Solok Selatan

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Camintoran visitors take pictures in the flower garden that reads the name of the location. (ist)

Padang Aro (ANTARA) - Deputy Regent of Solok Selatan, W Sumatra, Abdul Rahman said that because of the cool air and beauty, the community gave the nickname of the "Swiss Van Sumatra" Camintoran tourist destination.

"The Camintoran area is located at an altitude of 1,230 masl and close to Mount Kerinci and its natural beauty is so beautiful that many people visit even though the construction is not ready and they call it Swiss Van Sumatra," he said while reviewing Camintoran destinations with representatives of the Ministry of Village, Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration on Thursday .

He explained that initially Camintoran was only a former sleeping area for the Cultivation Rights of the Golden Arm tea garden then managed by a community group and given to the local government to be developed.

After being given to the Regional Government, he said, the initial development plan was only for camp areas but because it was beautiful, the Regional Government submitted a proposal to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in 2018 and assisted Rp1.4 billion to build tourist rides and tourist huts.

After the construction began, he said, the beauty was seen so that many parties wanted to help camintoran development such as roads, bridges, electricity, clean water including the addition of tourist rides.

"Companies in Solok Selatan have also started to channel assistance from their CSR," he said.

He said, even though the location was not ready but many people had come to visit Camintoran both locally and nationally.

"Even after Eid Holiday many people came, but because they were not ready and afraid to endanger the visitors, the government was forced to close it, so many people complained," he said.

This year there is road construction assistance from the Special Allocation Fund (DAK) of Rp. 8 billion and also the installation of a four kilometer electricity network from the APBD.

"We will continue to fix and build Camintoran involving the community," he said.

Functional Officer at the Directorate General of PDT Rifmayulis said that from 10 regencies that were given assistance in 2018 at the tourism sub-district, then PDT, Solok Selatan was the best.

"Solok Selatan is the best because they also allocate a budget from the regional budget," he said.

He hopes that what has been built can be utilized by the government for the welfare of the local community.

Editor: Mutiara Ramadhani

Translated by : Internship Student of ANTARA 2019

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