Implementation of ICSSce conference expected to give solutions

id Conference ICSSce

Konferensi Internasional Ilmu Sosial dan Pendidikan atau International Conference for Social Sciences and Education (ICSSce) 2018 di UNP, Selasa (6/11). (Antara Sumbar/Ikhwan Wahyudi)

Padang, (Antaranews Sumbar) - The implementation of the 2018 International Conference on Social Sciences and Education (ICSSce) is expected to contribute to providing solutions to various social problems that exist in society today.

"There are various social problems that exist in the community, starting from LGBT to children who do not want to exercise. Of course, there are causes and solutions from the point of view of social science," Deputy Chancellor IV of Padang Syahrial Bakhtiar State University stated in Padang on Tuesday at the opening of ICSSce 2018.

According to him, various thoughts produced by social scientists can become references to overcome the various problems that exist.

He gave an example of the children in Indonesia who are lazy compared to other advanced countries.

"In developed countries children are diligent in exercising and achieving, whereas in Indonesia, they are lazy. This has to do with environmental factors," he remarked.

The Dean of the UNP Faculty of Social Sciences, Syafri Anwar, revealed that the conference committee had received 205 abstracts to be presented and 104 papers had arrived.

The theme of this conference is Advancing Multidisciplinary Social Sciences Facing the Age of the Industrial Revolution.

In line with that, West Sumatra Provincial Secretary Alwis hopes for the contribution of social scientists in resolving various national problems.

The contribution and thought of academics will be useful in overcoming various social problems, he added. (*)
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