Travelers Arrival at BIM is Still Quite High on D-2 of Eid

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Travelers arrival at BIM. (Antara Sumbar/Ikhwan Wahyudi/)

Padang Pariaman, (Antaranews Sumbar) - The arrival of travelers at Minangkabau International Airport (BIM), Padang Pariaman, West Sumatra is still quite high on Wednesday (June 13) or D-2 of Eid al-Fitr 1439 Hijriah after the peak occurs on D-3 or Tuesday (June 12).

"If on D-3 the number of homecoming arrivals reaches 8,960 people, then it decreases to 8,949 travelers on D-2 who arrived with 46 flights," Public Relations of PT Angkasa Pura II BIM Fendrick Sondra stated in here on Thursday.

According to him, despite the peak of arrival flow has occurred, but the number of travelers who arrived remained high.

In contrast, passengers of aircraft traveling to Jakarta on D-2 reached 4,775 people with 45 flights.

He conveyed there are 13 additional flights outside the regular schedule along the D-2.

Thus during the D-8 to D-2 or June 7 to June 13, 20, the number of travelers who arrived in West Sumatra reached 57,383 people. (cha)

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