Padang To Seek All Financial Transactions in Non-cash Service

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Padang To Seek All Financial Transactions in Non-cash Service

Illustration. Socialization on non-cash transaction. (cc)

Padang, (Antaranews Sumbar) - The Government of Padang Municipality, West Sumatra will seek all financial transactions related to its environment in non-cash by 2019, Head of Finance and Asset Management Board of Padang, Andri Yulika stated.

He mentioned these activities, among others, employee honorarium expenditure of civil servants and non-civil servants, travel expenditures in the region, travel expenses and coordination meetings outside the area, shopping and drinking, shopping fittings, and procurement.

This activity will be evaluated in the second quarter or the sixth month of this year to see the implementation constraints in Organization of Regional Devices (OPD).

To realize the use of all non-cash transactions in 2019, it continues to seek advice and thoughts from experts, treasurers, technical implementers to improve the program.

Later, all transactions including grants and allowances will also apply non-cash transactions, ranging from the municipal government level to strata of the village.

For the financial system, non-cash transactions make it easier in the process and do not cost much.

For the government system as well as non-cash finance ensures transparency and financial accountability.

Not only that, non-cash transactions can also avoid corruption in the government.

Earlier, he said, some banks have conducted socialization to the government related to non-cash transactions.

In the future also ahead of 2019, the socialization of non-cash transactions will be strengthened to the ranks of OPD.

It is not impossible in line with the goal of Padang to be smart city, all transactions in the city will be non-cash. (cha)

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