Padang is Focusing Transportation Improvement in Tourism Objects

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Medi Iswandi. (Antara Sumbar/MR Denya Utama)

Padang, (Antaranews Sumbar) - The Government of Padang Municipality, West Sumatra is focusing on improving transportation infrastructure in several locations of tourism object to support the development of the sector.

"Both the equipment, the way and parking are kept equipped to provide the convenience of tourists," Head of Tourism and Culture Office of Padang, Medi Iswandi remarked in Padang, Tuesday.

Some facilities such as the construction of parking lots, the addition of transportation equipment and road renovation gradually continue to be implemented in the last four years.

Parking space is now available at Cimpago Beach, Muaro Lasak, several storefronts and homes to anticipate the overbalance of visitors.

The problem is currently in some locations such as near Pujasera and Muaro which are being pursued of parking lots.

On the other side, Aia Manih Beach has built parking area and a number of supporting facilities such as toilets, mosques and name tags of the location.

"In the future, it will monitor other locations for the construction of parking areas," he said.

Then related to transportation, it scheduled to apply free bus tours that will pass some tourist sites such as Padang Beach, Aia Manih and West Sumatra Grand Mosque.

In the future, it plans to built cable car to see Padang area from the height of the location of tourist areas.

Related to the road, it has so far completed the construction of the path from Nipah to Aie Manih beach through Bukit Gado Gado, he added. (cha)

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