Agam Rice Production Reached 322,249 Tons Until September 2017

id Agam Rice Production Reached 322,249 Tons Until September 2017

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Lubukbasung, (Antara Sumbar) - Rice production in Agam District, West Sumatra, until September 2017 reached 322,249 tons from 56,734 hectares of harvested area.

Agam Agriculture Secretary Arief Restu in Lubukbasung, Friday, said that the figure did not include production data for October 2017 as production data was still being inputted from agricultural extension workers in 16 sub-districts in the area.

With the data, it is optimistic that the rice production target of the area of 434,082 tons in 2017 will be achieved because there are still 3 months left.

This is also reinforced by data forecasting by Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) of West Sumatra that the target of rice production in Agam will be achieved.

To achieve the rice production target, the local government has provided rice seed assistance for 3,000 hectares of rice fields by 2017.

The Agriculture Office also conducted irrigation wetland repairs covering an area of 950 hectares spread in 16 sub-districts in 2017.

The government also provided agricultural machine tools as much as 130 units, 33 units hand tractors, one unit rice threshing machine, 64 plant pest spraying machines.

25 units of water pumps and cultivators or soil machines for five units.

"The aid has been submitted to farmer groups based on the application submitted to Agriculture Service," he said.

The realization of this year's harvest is 56,734 hectares of harvest target of 72,347 hectares in 2017, while the realization of rice planting of 61,767 hectares from the target of 76,692 hectares in 2017. (cha)

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