Minang Artists Held Solidarity Event For Rohingya

id Solidaritas Rohingya

Sejumlah seniman Minang menggelar aksi solidaritas Rohingya di kawasan Jalan Gadjah Mada Gunung Pangilun, Padangm Sumatera Barat, Kamis (7/9). Aksi ini merupakan salah satu wujud kepedulian untuk meringankan beban umat muslim Rohingya. (ANTARA SUMBAR/Syahrul Rahmat)

Padang, (Antara Sumbar) - Dozens of Minang artists held a fundraising event as a form of solidarity for Rohingya Muslims at several points in Padang Municipality, West Sumatra.

Activity Coordinator, Putra Awie in Padang, Thursday (Sept 7), said the activity was done as a manifestation of concern to help alleviate the burden of Rohingya Muslims.

"In this activity, we do not only see Rohingya community as Muslims, but the treatment of them is beyond the limits of humanity," he said.

He mentioned seeing the treatment received by Rohingya crowded preached in the mass media, then the artists of Minang agreed to hold action of solidarity.

This solidarity action was held simultaneously at several points in Padang such as in Simpang Haru area, in front of Transmart and near Ampang gas station.

"For some other areas such as Bukittinggi and Batusangkar will also hold a similar action, but time and date are not confirmed yet," he said.

Singer of Minang, Vany Vabiola said through this action, it is expected to reduce the burden suffered by ethnic spirits.

In addition, she hopes that the injustices received by Rohingya Muslims can come to an end and they can return to life normally.

"Hopefully all these problems will come to the end, no more persecution," she continued.

Another artist, Al Glory said the action of solidarity is planned to be held up to several days ahead.

"Today is held at three points, Friday one point, Saturday at two points and Sunday at one point, while for the peak of the event is still in talks," he explained.

Meanwhile, Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno LP Marsudi said she had assigned the ambassador in Dhaka to follow up the thing that is needed now by the refugees.

"There are already some needs that come in and the plan once the list entry request already exists, then according to the direction of the President, we will immediately seek to send the aid because they are in a position to need both tents, food, and drinking water," she added. (*)

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