Payakumbuh ready to export 480 tonnes rendang spice to Saudi Arabia

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Payakumbuh ready to export 480 tonnes rendang spice to Saudi Arabia

The signing of a memorandum of understanding between Iko Sero Cooperative and Al Bait Maamour For Umra Service in Jakarta. (Ist)

Payakumbuh (ANTARA) - Deputy Mayor of Payakumbuh, W Sumatra, Erwin Yunaz said 43 MSMEs that are members of the Payakumbuh Iko Sero Cooperative are ready to export 480 tons of rendang spice to Saudi Arabia to meet the needs of 120 thousand hajj pilgrims from Indonesia this year.

"The amount of 480 tons of rendang spice are calculated from the assumption that pilgrims consume two kilograms of rendang for 40 days," Erwin said when contacted from Payakumbuh, Thursday.

He said the Iko Sero Cooperative had signed a memorandum of understanding with Al Bait Maamour For Umra Service in Jakarta on Wednesday, Februari 19. The cooperation was facilitated by the Indonesian Association of Entrepreneurs, Bumiputera Nusantara (Asprindo)

The rendang spice export that will be carried out is a history for Indonesian MSMEs that can through foreign markets.

In the next two months it will start producing rendang spices and is targeted to be able to make as much as 10 tons every day.

"We want to show to the Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs that our SMEs are capable of being independent. If the order is clear like this, the private sector is expected to want to help to facilitate including financing. So for 40 days we sent a total of 480 tons of rendang spice, "he said.

He said by using modern technology, rendang spices can last for one year with an unchanging taste.

The signing of this memorandum of understanding will open up export potential to other countries. For this reason, Erwin will target countries with Indonesian workers, such as Malaysia and Hong Kong.

"This is the first role model in Indonesia. I hope the president will keep cooperatives and MSMEs growing well,"he said.

He mentioned Payakumbuh City Government will make SMEs facilities with industrial scale.

Transleted by: Mutiara Ramadhani

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