Lanterns adorn See Hin Kiong temple greet Chinese New Year in Padang

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Lanterns adorn See Hin Kiong temple greet Chinese New Year in Padang

A number of people take advantage of the Lunar New Year moment to take pictures in front of the Temple (Antara / Laila Syafarud)

Padang (ANTARA) - Hundreds of lanterns began to decorate the See Hin Kiong Temple in the context of welcoming the 2570th Chinese New Year on January 25, 2020 at Gang Hok Tek Jalan Kelenteng, Chinese village,Kelurahan Kampung Pondok, Padang, W Sumatra.

Public relations culture section of See Hin Kiong Padang, Lie Fuk Thong in Padang on Sunday said lanterns had been installed and lit for one month, starting from January 9 to February 8, 2020.

"This lantern is aimed at lighting and is one form of the spirit of the Chinese community in welcoming the Chinese New Year," he said.

Visitors began to crowded to the Temple since January 10, 2020. Usually the more crowded at night from 07.00 pm to 09.00 pm to utilize the moment of the beauty of the lanterns and take pictures.

Visitors who come not only come from the city of Padang, but also from outside the city.

Then not only Chinese, even Muslims also came to visit just to take pictures in front of the Temple, he said.

"On the 15th day after the Chinese New Year celebrations, there will be a Cap go meh which is an annual agenda of the Chinese community in Padang and celebrated with a variety of parades including the Barongsai (lion dance)," he explained.

He said this year was the year of the metal mouse which meant a lucky year for the Chinese community.

Because rats are agile and easy to get fortune. This year it is taught to be more persistent in trying to make it easy to get fortune.

"If the previous year was called the year of the pig, it means less fortunate. Because pigs show laziness and sleepiness. So many traders are complaining because of losses, "he said.

He also mentioned in China there are 12 naming years taken from the names of animals for examples the year of pigs, metal rats, chickens, dragons, tigers, horses, and so forth.

Transleted by: Mutiara Ramadhani

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